8U Summer League Rules

  1. Game nights will start at 6 pm with a 30-45 minute station to station practice combining players and coaches from both teams, followed by a 1 hour league game.
  2. Coaches; have ready five practice stations each game night, a throwing, catching, hitting, pitching/catching and fielding station. As the players arrive divide into groups of 4-6 girls, each group moving from station to station with a coach at each station providing instruction.
  3. As the players progress throughout the season the 30-45 minute practice station time may reduce and game innings may increase. After the third full week of the season the game night should be a full game played with no new inning starting after 7:30pm
  4. An 11 inch yellow optic flexi ball will be used. Each team will use their own game balls while on defense.
  5. It is recommended, but not required, that Infield position players wear a protective face mask.
  6. Each inning will consist of three (3) outs or five (5) runs whichever happens first.
  7. There is no-minimum number of players to play a game as we have kept the rosters limited for social distancing purposes this season.
  8. Only ten defensive players on the field at a time. Outfielders must start on the grass. Player’s position should be rotated throughout the game. Players cannot site out two (2) consecutive innings. During the league tournament, each player must play 2 different defensive positions during the game (except for catcher due to the socially distanced softball rules).
  9. 1st or 3rd baseman positions cannot play more than halfway to home plate.
  10. The catcher must wear full protective gear even in practice. To follow our socially distanced softball rules for this season, each team should designate one catcher for each game and WYBS teams will be provided two sets of catchers gear in the event more than one catcher is needed during the course of each game to prevent sharing of equipment. Coaches please sanitize the catchers equipment after each game night.
  11. Each batter is required to wear a helmet equipped with a face guard.
  12. Windmill pitching is allowed and encouraged with a 35 foot mound. Beginners may start at no less than 30 feet. By 1st fourth week of games all pitchers will pitch from 35 ft.
  13. Pitchers can pitch no more than one (1) inning per game during league play. During the tournament pitchers can pitch no more than two (2) innings per game.
  14. Pitchers are required to wear face mask when pitching in game or practice. NO EXCEPTIONS. Each team will have a facemask provided for girls that may not have their own, if sharing is needed, the coach will be required to sanitize the facemask before it can be shared between players.
  15. No walks allowed. After 3rd ball, coach will take over the existing strike count. The pitcher must reside alongside the coach inside the pitching circle. A player can strikeout on player or coach pitch.
  16. Bunting is allowed. One bunt per inning per team. No bunting if the coach pitching. No bunting when there is a runner on third base.
  17. Base runner must try to avoid contact with a fielder or slide at the base of play. If contact is made with the fielder AND the runner does not slide, the runner can be called out for contacting the fielder.
  18. If a catcher is on base, she can be replaced with a courtesy runner (player who made last out).
  19. There is no stealing: therefore, the base runner(s) must maintain contact with the base until the pitched ball crosses the plate.
  20. No infield fly or dropped third strike rules.
  21. Offense- On any hit ball the base runner(s) may advance, at risk of being tagged out, no more than two (2) bases. (No runner can score from 1st base). No running on overthrows.
  22. Defense- Play stops when the defense returns ball to the pitcher’s circle. At which time all base runners must return to the last base touched. This includes any base runners trying to advance.
  23. Three (3) offensive coaches may be on the field at one time. First base, third base and pitching mound.
  24. Three defensive coaches may be in field as well. Two in infield and one behind the plate.
  25. If all coaches are on the field there MUST be a Bench Parent in the dugout with the players.
  26. The home team gets the third base dugout. The visiting team the first.
  27. Both teams are responsible for the field, before and after games. Coaches must have the practice stations and field set up by 6 pm. This includes liming the base lines, placing and removing the bases and raking the diamond.
  28. Babe Ruth Softball is a fun and educational experience. Any rules not specifically stated or modified above, will be governed by the Babe Ruth League Rule Book.

The game is for the kids. Keep it moving. Keep it fun. 4.12.21