12U Summer League Rules

  1. Most game time starts will be at 6:15 PM on Mon. and Wed. evenings. No inning will start after 7:45 pm when public schools are in session, or 8:00 pm in summer.   Game length is 6 innings long or 1hr and 45 min.
  2. Must have a minimum of 8 players to play or the team that is short players forfeits the game.  It is encouraged that even if a game is forfeited, that the game is played through loaning players to the team that is short.
  3. 10 players on defense; 6 in the infield and 4 must start on the outfield grass.
  4. The entire roster will bat.
  5. RUN RULE: Each team is limited to 5 runs per inning.
  6. All players batting or coaching must wear a helmet with face mask.
  7. Pitching rubber is 40 feet from home plate.
  8. Pitchers may throw 3 innings only, even if extra innings played. 1 pitch thrown counts as 1 inning.
  9. It is mandatory that pitchers in Wausau wear a face mask provided or their own infielder’s mask.
  10. PITCHING MECHANICS: One foot must start on the pitching rubber. Step back is allowed as implemented by USA Softball rules change in 2020. No Crow Hop, back foot must drag off of the mound.
  11. Players cannot sit out 2 consecutive innings under coach’s discretion.
  12. Players cannot play in the same position the entire game.  They MUST play at least 2 positions, with a minimum of 1 inning in one of the positions. They should be rotated between 2 or 3 positions in a game. This rule does not apply to catchers to follow our socially distanced softball rules for this season, each team has the ability to designate one catcher for each game and WYBS teams will be provided two sets of catchers gear in the event more than one catcher is needed during the course of each game to prevent sharing of equipment. Coaches please sanitize the catcher equipment after each game.
  13. Bunting is allowed, a fake bunt and then swinging is NOT!
  14. Leading off and stealing are allowed once the ball leaves the pitchers hand.  Players leaving early will be called out and the ball is dead.
  15. Sliding is highly encouraged to minimize injuries to players.  If an umpire feels there is any malicious contact made by the runner, the runner will be called out for not sliding, however, it is NOT an automatic out if they player does not slide and no hard contact is made between fielder and runner.  This call is the umpire’s discretion.
  16. Infield fly rule is in effect. If needed coaches please help umpires make this call.
  17. Drop Third Strike Rule is in effect.  If first is occupied the batter is out unless there are two outs.
  18. If hit by pitch, the batter is awarded 1st base, even if it hits the ground first. The batter must make a reasonable attempt to get out of the way in the opinion of the umpire. 
  19. If the catcher or pitcher are on base a courtesy runner can be used at any time. The last out is the courtesy runner, this should help speed up the game.  Injured players may also have courtesy runners.
  20. Home team gets 3rd base side and visiting team gets 1st base side.
  21. Each team will provide one umpire for home and away games.  The home team umpire will work behind the plate unless the 2 coaches decide different. It is encouraged that the home plate umpire allow adequate distance behind the catcher or behind the pitcher while still being able to perform their duty while allowing for social distancing this season.
  22. Umpires must use provided face mask and chest protector.
  23. Both teams are responsible for the fields, this may include putting down baselines, putting out and removing bases, raking before and after the game and making sure all garbage is cleaned up around the field.
  24. During end-of-year league tournament, all rules are enforced.
  25. League tournament will be seeded by a blind/random drawing between player agent and VP of softball from all league programs.
  26. During the league tournament the last inning of play will be open ended allowing the team that is behind to score as many runs as possible to take the lead.  If a game isn’t going to go the entire 6 innings, the final inning needs to be agreed upon prior to starting and discussed with both coaches and umpires.

This is a developmental and recreational league, please keep the game fun.

Coaches are highly recommended to go over rules before the game.          Revised 4/15/21