6U Summer League Rules

  1. Game nights will start at 6 pm with a 30- 45 minute station to station practice combining players and coaches from both teams, followed by a short game.
  2. Coaches; have ready four practice stations each game night, a throwing, catching, hitting, and fielding station. As the players arrive divide into groups of 4-5 girls, each group moving from station to station with a coach at each stop providing instruction. 
  3. As the players progress throughout the season the practice station time may reduce and game time may increase.
  4. Play all players on field. Positions should be rotated each game. Although this is under coaches judgment.
  5. Positions: Players playing 1st or 3rd cannot play more than half way to home plate and the pitching position should be next to or back from the pitcher.  
  6. A pitching machine will be used and located at 35 ft.
  7. A batting tee will be used if batter cannot hit off of the pitching machine. To follow our socially distanced softball rules for this season, each team should designate one catcher for each game and WYBS teams will be provided two sets of catchers gear in the event more than one catcher is needed during the course of each game to prevent sharing of equipment. Coaches please sanitize the catchers equipment after each game night.
  8. The catcher must be dressed in full gear. Including at practice.
  9. Each batter is required to have a helmet on with face mask.
  10. Each batter will have a maximum 6 pitches, unless the sixth is hit foul.  The 1st pitch to each batter is from the machine. There are no called balls or strikes on the batter. Outs are not kept. 
  11. No infield fly rule, dropped third strike or running on overthrows.
  12. Three offensive coaches (1st and 3rd bases and pitcher’s mound) and (3) defensive managers/coaches may be on the field at one time.
  13. There must be a Bench Parent in the dugout if all coaches are on the field.
  14. The home team gets the third base dugout. The visiting team gets the first base dugout.
  15. Both teams, home or away, are responsible for the field.
  16. Babe Ruth Softball is a fun and educational experience. Any rules not specifically stated or modified above, will be governed by the Babe Ruth League Rule Book.

It is highly recommended that the coaches talk before each game to go over rules of the game.

Keep in mind that this game is for the children.

Keep it Moving – Keep it FUN.